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What Sets MedSitter Support Apart

MedSitter Customer Support

Clinical products need to work consistently in order to integrate into care delivery workflows effectively. MedSitter customer support was designed with clinical needs in mind. It is robust, effective, and reflects MedSitter’s dedication to clinical assistance and patient care. 

Introducing a new product or service to a clinical setting can be challenging. Existing workflows, user training, and customer support must all be taken into consideration. Clinicians are busy – especially today with nursing shortages plaguing the industry. (Source: HealthAffairs) If a product does not function the way it should, it is sometimes easier for clinical staff to lean on their old practices rather than trouble-shooting a new solution. With an overwhelming number of patients to care for, it is understandable that any new solution introduced into a clinical setting must make clinicians lives’ easier if it is going to be adopted effectively.  

The experienced MedSitter team took both user need and common practices into consideration when designing MedSitter’s support infrastructure. Our product is meant to unburden clinical staff by making patient observation easier and more convenient – and we set that tone with product implementation and support. We provide the best support in the virtual observation industry. Here is what sets MedSitter support apart: 

Thoughtful Implementation 

MedSitter support begins before any equipment makes it to a client site. Implementation is handled by a dedicated project manager who interfaces with both the clinical team and the IT team to prep for the MedSitter delivery. Equipment can even be shipped pre-configured. Once MedSitter hardware arrives onsite, a MedSitter project manager will guide the onsite team through connecting it to the network. Once the hardware is connected, virtual sitters are trained remotely. Guided by the project manager, the MedSitter clinical team will diligently tailor training and content to wrap seamlessly around your existing care delivery workflows. The MedSitter team guides the process every step of the way.  

Proactive Monitoring 

MedSitter is a cloud platform, which means that our team can regularly make software updates with minimal impact or operational downtime. Our dedicated developers are constantly monitoring software performance. We create optimizations and make improvements before performance falters, so that clinical users are constantly engaging with an up-to-date and reliable product. In addition to proactively managing and maintaining the cloud platform, we also remotely manage the carts. We ensure routine updates and upgrades to the operating system which greatly reduces any burden on customer technical teams. 

24x7 Support 

Every MedSitter client has access to a 24x7 support line. Not only that, but virtual sitters can call MedSitter support directly without having to escalate their concerns internally first. This saves a lot of time and effort and ultimately leads to better, more efficient patient observation. With MedSitter, there is no cumbersome email or ticketing process with delayed responses. Our clients can get an experienced product expert on the phone within a matter of minutes. Our representatives are deeply knowledgeable regarding product function, and always aim for one-call resolutions.  

If you are interested in installing MedSitter remote observation in your facility to improve clinicians’ experience and keep patients safe, visit the Contact Us page today. 

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