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Webinar Sponsored by Logitech: MedSitter Benefits Patients & Providers

MedSitter Staff Oct 4, 2022 12:10:58 PM

Just last month, MedSitter hosted an incredibly informative incredibly informative webinar with our client, CentraCare. Sponsored by Logitech, this webinar went over how CentraCare uses MedSitter to benefit patients and providers, with host Kristin Brandt, Clinical Project Lead at CentraCare.

Keep reading to learn more about this complimentary presentation.

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CentraCare is an integrated health care system in Central Minnesota that includes six hospitals, 18 clinics, and numerous outpatient specialty care services. They chose to work with MedSitter remote observation for fall prevention. The goal is to maximize patient safety. CentraCare has fully integrated this new technology in their care delivery workflows and has seen tremendous results.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How CentraCare adjusted their policies and procedures to include MedSitter observation
  • How CentraCare patients respond to remote observation
  • The fantastic outcomes CentraCare has enjoyed

Take a look at this sneak peek below of our MedSitter Webinar Key Take-Aways from the webinar:

Why CentraCare Chose MedSitter:

  • CentraCare had been using video observation since 2015. In 2020 they put out an RFP since the vendor pool had expanded to include MedSitter.
  • From day one, the MedSitter team was communicative, transparent and collaborative.
  • Additionally, MedSitter had technology features that CentraCare had never seen before. For example, with MedSitter’s persistent video feature, the video connection between the patient and the remote sitter is always on.

How CentraCare Uses MedSitter:

  • The CentraCare team sees remote observation as an “extra set of eyes”. It was initially implemented to prevent falls, but it has grown to do so much more than that.
  • At CentraCare, MedSitter is used to:
  • Prevent patient falls
  • Provide patient companionship
  • Prevent medical device removal
  • Prevent elopement
  • Monitor behavior from family & visitors
  • At CentraCare, MedSitter is managed by the Float Team of nursing assistants (NAs). CentraCare NAs can float in and out of 26 different units as needed. If a floor nurse wants to put one of their patients under observation, they request MedSitter through their EMR and a float NA comes to onboard a patient at the bedside. CentraCare staffs two NAs as remote observers 24x7x365.
  • Under MedSitter, CentraCare has been able to increase their included patient population – meaning that more patients are benefiting from observation!

Staff & Patient Response:

Since replacing their prior remote observation technology with MedSitter, CentraCare has seen a 13% drop in their patient fall rate.

To learn how, watch this complimentary webinar on-demand right now!

CentraCare Case Study

Want to see more?

How can you be sure MedSitter is right for your hospital or health system? One of the best ways is hearing testimonial from another health system currently partnered with us in a case study. Don’t take our word for it. You can see the evidence, yourself.

Read the full case study here, where you will learn how CentraCare transitioned to MedSitter in just eight business days, and how the MedSitter difference could help your own organization.

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