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Webinar Feature: Breaking Out of the 1:1 Observation Mindset

The ongoing healthcare staffing shortage has put a strain on nursing departments across the nation, making 1:1 patient safety observation difficult to maintain. Fortunately, remote patient observation has emerged as an impactful solution.

Last week, Erin Patrick, RN, CCRN hosted an educational webinar on breaking out of the 1:1 observation mindset. Erin serves as the VP of Clinical Services at MedSitter, and has more than a decade experience in patient observation.

The presentation covered the efficacy of 1:1 observation, and how 10:1 observation achieves the same goals without putting undue stress on nursing departments.

Recent regulation changes surrounding the use of restraints has increased the demand for 1:1 observation in order to maintain patient safety. However, the nursing pool has drastically dwindled making effective 1:1 observation difficult to pull off. MedSitter, and other remote patient observation solutions, help nurses to stretch their resources while keeping patients safe and under observation.

The presentation delivered by Erin covers the average sitting pool most hospitals maintain, and how MedSitter can take that same sitting pool and make it more effective. For example, if your hospital employs 3 patient sitters, your facility can utilize 30 MedSitter carts without adding more staff. With MedSitter, 30 patients can benefit from observation without having to do any additional hiring or staffing.

Erin also covers the costs of patient falls. According to the Joint Commission, the average cost of a fall without injury costs the hospital $1,500. The average cost of a fall with injury is $14,000. Just a handful of falls that are avoided via the use of remote patient observation can dramatically impact your bottom line.

If you are interested in viewing the presentation recording, you can do so at this link.

In this presentation, you can expect to learn:

- The advantages of remote observation over traditional, 1:1 observation

- How to effectively install a remote observation solution

- The measured impact your organization can expect after deployment

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