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Webinar Feature: Addressing Staffing Pressure with MedSitter+ Staff

Just last week, Holly Jenkins, Director of Virtual Care Services at MedSitter hosted an educational webinar about how to address staffing pressure with MedSitter+ Staff. Holly has more than 13 years of experience in nursing, and over 8 years of experience in remote patient observation. 

The presentation covered how the healthcare industry is under immense staffing pressure. While remote patient observation can be leveraged to make one patient sitter 10x more effective, it can be difficult for hospitals struggling with shortages to find even one person to spare. As a remote patient observation solution, MedSitter is here to answer that call with MedSitter+ Staff. This supplemental staffing service puts remote observers employed by MedSitter in front of your patients. Patients are kept safe, onsite staff can continue to provide vital services, and money is saved. 

The webinar also discussed nursing shortages contributing factors. While we have been facing a nursing shortage for years, here’s a few reasons why it is even more prominent now: 

  • Our largest generation (Baby Boomers) are now elderly and in need of care.  
  • Baby Boomers that work as nurses will soon retire. 
  • COVID-19 has also exasperated the nursing shortage issue.
  • Between March and April 2020, the healthcare industry lost 1.5 million workers.  
  • Nurses were out sick with COVID-19, nurses lost their lives to COVID-19, and mental toll of COVID-19 pushed thousands of nurses to leave the profession. 
  • Burnout—one of the top reasons that nurses leave healthcare. 

But what do these shortages mean for hospitals and patients? Staffing shortages lead to forced overtime, which can further alienate the remaining staff. Inadequate staff also forces hospitals to rely on more expensive options, like travel nurses. In essence, shortages put nursing departments into a constant state of triage. And essentially, a solution is needed.  

We would like to offer how MedSitter+ Staff can help. With MedSitter+ Staff you can: 

  • Preserve existing staff resources 
  • Reduce the need for forced overtime 
  • Keep more patients safe 
  • Save money by both preventing falls and keeping existing staff in their appropriate roles 
  • Remove the hassle of maintaining and managing an internal sitter workforce 
  • Eliminate training requirements for nursing staff 
  • Improve patient outcomes 

To see how MedSitter+ Staff can help alleviate the staffing pressure, reduce costs, and more, watch our recently recorded webinar here. 

In this presentation you will learn: 

  • The landscape of the current healthcare staffing crisis 
  • How MedSitter alleviates staffing pressure with 10:1 observation
  • How MedSitter+ Staff can integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows 

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