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MedSitter’s Vision for 2023

Tracy Mills, CEO Dec 20, 2022 1:17:16 PM

MedSitter is an important patient safety service that allows one patient observer to watch up to ten patients at one time. The program was designed to prevent patient falls, but through the service’s application we have learned that it can do so much more. In 2023, we look forward to expanding the MedSitter services to new care environments. This message is from our founder.


When we founded MedSitter, our goal was to make a difference for patients and nurses by preventing patient falls by putting an observer literally in 10 patient rooms simultaneously 7x24. We focused our efforts on ensuring MedSitter allowed for proactive care rather than reactive care. We wanted to prevent falls, not spring into action once a fall had already occurred. Key to achieving this goal was to prioritize the development best in class interactive patient/observer communication. A remote observer is always virtually connected to the patient and can appear onscreen in a patient’s room instantaneously. The observers are also connected to the local nurse’s station so they can quickly and easily communicate as a team when the observer has validated a situation that needs their attention, and our 360-degree night-vision camera means that the patient is always covered.  

I am proud to say that our fall prevention is the best in class. We have helped over 100 hospitals to reduce their fall rates following the installation of MedSitter. We have even proved that we are more effective than other remote observation platforms on the market. When CentraCare switched from a competitor to MedSitter early this year, their fall rates dropped by 13%.  

I am also proud to report that several of our clients are using MedSitter for more than just fall prevention. At its core, MedSitter is a solution that puts one person in ten places at once. This has proved to be invaluable to our clients as they face historic nursing shortages and struggle to keep up with quality patient care. Below are just a few of the ways we have seen MedSitter used across the healthcare continuum: 

  • Monitor fluent and dietary restriction compliance before surgery 
  • Reduce the risk of social isolation among infectious patients 
  • Support traumatic brain injury patients with short term memory loss through frequent reminders 
  • Expedited admission throughput in the ED 
  • Staff safety 
  • Low-risk suicide risk observation 
  • Contraband monitoring 
  • Team Nursing 

If you are interested in learning about even more MedSitter applications, you can review them in this webinar hosted by our Clinical Program Specialist, Nicole Shields, BSN, RN. 

In 2023, we plan to leverage the MedSitter solution in as many places as possible. It is not just about patient safety anymore. It is about patient safety, staff safety, mental well-being, care compliance, emotional support, and more.  

In 2022 we launched our MedSitter+ Staff service, which means that we can handle observer staffing for our clients. This has helped to alleviate some of the staffing pressure that hospitals across the nation are facing, and it has allowed us to support smaller facilities in need of only 2-3 carts.  

We plan to make 2023 all about expansion. Expansion into new departments, into new patient care situations, and into smaller facilities. Eventually, we want MedSitter to be the standard of care in hospitals everywhere. 

If you are interested in installing MedSitter in your facility, fill out the form on our contact us page now. We can get you up and running quickly and together, we can improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers. 

I look forward to working with you. 

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