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MedSitter Recognized by HealthTech Magazines

We are proud to share that MedSitter has been featured in HealthTech Magazines’ Remote Patient Monitoring Special. The remote patient monitoring tool has been recognized for its impact on patient safety and satisfaction. The cover story titled, “IDSolutions: Taking Patient Observation to Brand New Heights,” takes a deeper dive into the origin of the product, it's value, and the team behind it.


MedSitter was developed to help keep patients safe. With staffing shortages creating significant challenges for healthcare institutions across the nation, a tool that allows one remote sitter to observe up to ten patients at once is game-changing.


The article is featured as an article on the HealthTech Magazines website. Read it now to learn more about the functionality of the MedSitter tool. 


There is an increasing need to share the endless benefits of implementing a virtual patient observation solution. Not only can MedSitter lower 1:1 sitter costs, improve nursing staff workflow, reduce fall rates and risks of infectious disease, but also better the hospital experience for patients while keeping them safe.


“MedSitter absolutely makes a difference by every metric of success; whether improved patient outcomes, increased staff safety, fall reduction, expanded observation coverage with existing resources, or overall ROI. What is fulfilling and motivating to our team is to hear our customers echo that sentiment, and to have fine organizations like HealthTech Magazines recognize the value we have to offer,” says Mills.

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