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News Feature: Baptist Health Floyd Keeps Patients Safe with MedSitter

Tracy Mills, CEO Mar 29, 2022 1:31:10 PM

Medsitter client, Baptist Health Floyd was recently featured in the local news following the implementation of MedSitter services. This is article highlights Baptist Health Floyd’s ongoing commitment to patient safety.  

MedSitter is an innovative patient safety solution that allows one patient observer to watch up to ten patients at one time. Hospitals and healthcare facilities that choose to implement MedSitter demonstrate a forward-thinking commitment to patient safety.  

Baptist Health Floyd recently celebrated that commitment to patient safety by announcing the use of MedSitter to their local community.  

Here is the article as it appears in the New and Tribune in Southern Indiana: 

Baptist Health Floyd Keeping Patients Safe with MedSitter 

Baptist Health Floyd is using new technology to help keep patients safe. Floyd is the first hospital in the Baptist system to use MedSitter. 

MedSitter is a camera with two-way audio capabilities that is located in a patient’s room while a human sits at a command center monitoring up to seven patients. 

If a patient attempts to get out of bed, the person at the command center will “redirect” the patient to get back into the bed. If that doesn’t work, the human sitter will hit an alarm that will alert the nurse’s station on that floor to go assist the patient. 

“Our whole goal here is to keep patients safe and this is just another way to do that,” said Ralph Greenwell, RN, MBA/MHA, who is in charge of training new observers. “MedSitter provides an extra set of eyes to monitor patients and to help keep them safe.” 

Baptist Health Floyd’s seven monitors can be used anywhere in the hospital. Human sitters are still used throughout the hospital for patients who need constant reminders to stay in bed and those with suicidal thoughts. 

“Not all patients are suitable for MedSitter,” Greenwell said. Nurses have guidelines to follow, along with approval of the House Manager, to determine if their patient is suitable for Medsitter. 

March 13-19 is Patient Safety Awareness Week. 

Read the article on News and Tribune here. 

If you are interested in bringing MedSitter to your healthcare facility, simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.  

Remember that our new service, MedSitter+ Staff provides supplemental staffing services. With MedSitter+ Staff, a trained observer located at our headquarters can observe patients in your hospital. This service allows you to allocate your onsite staff effectively without sacrificing patient safety initiatives.

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