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MedSitter Educational White Papers: Improve Patient Care

MedSitter Staff Aug 23, 2022 11:16:45 AM

MedSitter remote patient observation offers complimentary white papers. Read our resources on how to improve patient care.

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Are you looking for education? MedSitter is proud to offer multiple educational white papers that you can download at any time. These white papers walk through a variety of reasons why remote patient observation may be right for your organization, and how MedSitter can be an asset for patients, staff, and administration alike. MedSitter is a virtual patient observation system that allows one patient sitter to watch ten patients at once, alleviating staffing pressure, saving money, and most importantly, helping keep patients safe. Take a look below at our complimentary white paper offerings:

How Remote Patient Observation Benefits Patients, Providers, and Healthcare Administration

Patient safety is of tremendous importance within the healthcare system. It is both a long-term strategic goal of most healthcare institutions and a concern for individuals seeking care. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, hundreds of thousands of patients perish annually from preventable mistakes. (Source: Journal of Patient Safety). A major cause of patient injury and death is patient falls, with around 1 million inpatient falls occurring annually in the United States. (Source: NCBI). Studies have shown that a multifactorial fall prevention program is the most effective in lowering patient fall rates, (Source: NCBI). with patient observation playing a significant role.

Download this white paper, which discusses how remote patient observation benefits patients, staff, and healthcare administration in a variety of ways.

How MedSitter’s Thoughtful Design Improves Patient Safety

User experience is how a person feels when interacting with a system of any kind. In our case, that system is our patient observation software. Those who work on UX (called UX designers) study and evaluate how users feel about a system, looking at things such as ease of use, perception of the value of the system, utility, efficiency in performing tasks, and so forth.

So, why is this important for MedSitter? MedSitter was designed for clinicians by a dedicated development team that worked in close proximity with RNs and CCRNs.

Download this white paper, which discusses how MedSitter helps alleviate staffing shortages, why ten patients is the magic number for sitters to watch, and how MedSitter’s design reduces sitter fatigue.

How MedSitter Impacts Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is defined as a subjective measure of whether a patient’s expectations about a health encounter were met. (Source: Guideway Care) In recent years, the healthcare industry has made significant moves towards prioritizing patient satisfaction—don’t forget, patient satisfaction scores have been linked to federal reimbursements and value-based incentive payments. Many things contribute to a good patient experience, from best-in-class treatment to technologically advanced facilities. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a multitude of ways to improve patient experience, including both employee engagement and overall patient attentiveness. So, how does a hospital improve in these areas? With the help of MedSitter, remote patient observation.

Download this white paper, which discusses the many ways to improve patient experience like enhancing employee engagement and attentiveness—with MedSitter.

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