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MedSitter Educational Webinars

MedSitter Staff Jul 26, 2022 10:52:32 AM

MedSitter remote patient observation offers complimentary educational webinars that you can watch on-demand.

Are you looking for education? MedSitter is proud to offer multiple complimentary, educational webinars that you can watch on-demand! These webinar recordings walk through a variety of reasons why remote patient observation may be right for your organization. MedSitter is a virtual patient observation system that allows one patient sitter to watch ten patients at once, alleviating staffing pressure, saving money, and most importantly, helping keep patients safe. Take a look below at our webinar offerings:

Breaking Out of the 1:1 Observation Mindset

With host Erin Patrick, RN, CCRN

This presentation covers the efficacy of 1:1 observation, and how 10:1 observation achieves the same goals without putting undue stress on nursing departments.

Recent regulation changes surrounding the use of restraints has increased the demand for 1:1 observation in order to maintain patient safety. However, the nursing pool has drastically dwindled making effective 1:1 observation difficult to pull off. MedSitter helps nurses to stretch their resources while keeping patients safe and under observation.

Watch this webinar, which discusses the average sitting pool most hospitals maintain, and how MedSitter can take that same sitting pool and make it more effective. The webinar also covers the costs of patient falls.

How to Leverage Remote Patient Observation Across Your Organization

With host Nicole Shields, BSN, RN

The presentation covers how MedSitter's technology unburdens nursing departments, how remote patient observation helps to keep patients safe, and how MedSitter can be leveraged across your organization in various different departments.

Watch this webinar and learn how remote patient observation solutions can be used in acute care, diagnostic care, emergency department, sub-acute care, pediatrics, geriatrics, and more.

How to Address Staffing Pressure with MedSitter+ Staff

With host Holly Jenkins, MedSitter’s Director of Virtual Care Services

The presentation covers how the healthcare industry is under immense staffing pressure. While remote patient observation can be leveraged to make one patient sitter 10x more effective, it can be difficult for hospitals struggling with shortages to find even one person to spare. As a remote patient observation solution, MedSitter is here to answer that call with MedSitter+ Staff. This supplemental staffing service puts remote observers employed by MedSitter in front of your patients. Patients are kept safe, onsite staff can continue to provide vital services, and money is saved. 

Watch this webinar, which also discusses nursing shortages contributing factors.

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