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MedSitter Attending ANCC Magnet 2022

MedSitter Staff Sep 27, 2022 11:48:18 AM

MedSitter helps overburdened clinicians remotely observe patients to improve patient safety and satisfaction without straining staff resources. Come visit our booth #837 at ANCC Magnet!

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MedSitter is excited to announce that we will be attending ANCC National Magnet Conference this year in Philadelphia, PA!

Magnet continually elevates patient care around the world in an environment where nurses, in collaboration with the interprofessional team, flourish by setting the standard for excellence through leadership, scientific discovery, and dissemination and implementation of new knowledge.

This co-located conference is the most influential gathering for nurses and health care stakeholders globally. Join nurses from around the world and immerse yourself in a wide range of educational and innovative sessions, network with peers from diverse backgrounds, and celebrate a year of outstanding accomplishments by Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence® nurses.

At ANCC Magnet, our expert team will highlight our MedSitter remote patient observation system. MedSitter is a remote patient observation solution that puts one observer in front of up to ten patients at one time. We help overburdened clinicians remotely observe patients to meaningfully improve patient safety and satisfaction without straining staff resources.

The MedSitter Difference

Both the MedSitter hardware and software were designed for clinicians and include some innovative features that are not seen anywhere else in the market. These features truly set the MedSitter solution apart:

  • Persistent Video: With MedSitter, the connection between the patient and the observer is always on. If the observer needs to speak to the patient, they can appear onscreen on the MedSitter cart with the click of a button. This instantaneous connection goes a long way in preventing adverse events. The video is particularly important, considering that the addition of nonverbal, contextual, and behavioral information leads to more effective communication in a healthcare environment when compared to audio-only communication. (Source: NCBI)

  • Full-Field Night Vision: The sitter-controlled camera covers the entire patient room, regardless of the light conditions or the time of day.

  • Cross-Language Communication: Not every patient requiring observation speaks English, and so the MedSitter software contains pre-recorded messages in more than 60 languages for quick communication with limited English proficiency patients. The system also includes a full library of pre-recorded video messages in American Sign Language, which helps healthcare facilities to fulfill their language access requirements as outlined by The Joint Commission. (Source: Joint Commission) The features listed here are completely unique to the MedSitter product and go a long way in helping remote observers be as effective as they can in preventing patient injury.

How Remote Patient Observation Benefits Nurses

Patient observation programs are often managed by nursing departments. While the sitters are not likely to be registered nurses themselves, common qualifications include CNA, AHA Certification, Certified Patient Care Technician, and LPN. (Source: Indeed) The United States has been facing a shortage of healthcare personnel for years, due in large part to the aging Baby Boom population and advanced medicine that extends lifespans. (Source: Duquesne University) A 2018 study concluded that by 2025, the United States will be facing a shortage of 95,000 nursing assistants. (Source: Mercer HPA) Alarmingly, these projections were made before the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed the lives of an estimated 115,000 healthcare workers globally (Source: STAT) and led to 18% of the US healthcare workforce resigning from healthcare positions. (Source: Becker’s Healthcare) Needless to say, nursing departments are stretched to their absolute limit.

A remote observation solution can turn one patient observer into ten. One observer at a command station can effectively monitor multiple patients at once, thus extending staff resources without sacrificing patient safety. Additionally, remote observers are able to maintain distance from contagious patients, which improves workplace safety. Overall, this system supports nurses by saving them time and effort.

If you are interested in installing MedSitter, please visit our Contact Us page—or, visit our booth at Magnet in October! We are booth #837.

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