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MedSitter at Magnet: How MedSitter Helps Overburdened Nurses

MedSitter Staff Oct 18, 2022 12:27:20 PM

MedSitter helps overburdened clinicians remotely observe patients to improve patient safety without straining staff resources. See the MedSitter difference today!


MedSitter was just in Philadelphia at the ANCC National Magnet Conference!

Magnet continually elevates patient care around the world in an environment where nurses, in collaboration with the interprofessional team, flourish by setting the standard for excellence through leadership, scientific discovery, and dissemination and implentation of new knowledge.

At ANCC Magnet, our expert team highlighted our MedSitter remote patient observation system—our software that puts one patient observer (or sitter) in front of up to ten patients at one time.

How MedSitter Helps Nurses

At MedSitter, patient observation software means two things: keeping patients safe and providing a solution for nursing departments struggling with staff shortages. Patient observation software is a technology-enabled solution that connects at-risk patients to remote observers over video. Armed with a mobile cart, cameras, and two-way video connections, one observer can watch multiple patients at once.

Both the MedSitter hardware and software were designed for clinicians and include some innovative features that are not seen anywhere else in the market. The features below truly set the MedSitter solution apart.

The MedSitter Difference

  • Instantaneous communication between patients and sitters via two-way audio and video

With MedSitter, the video connection between the sitter and the patient is always on. With just one click, sitters can appear on video in the patient's room - no calling required! Persistent video closely mimics the immediacy of in-person communication. The quick connection is vital in emergencies and helps sitters to establish strong relationships with patients.

  • End-to-end clinical and technical support

From the first sales call all the way through account maturity, we proactively monitor our product and continually make improvements to meet your needs. We make dozens of software updates yearly without any application downtime. Plus, hardware and software questions route to our helpdesk, not yours.

  • Proactive design

Safety observers are supported with motion detection technology, full-field night vision that moves with the sitter-controlled camera, and escalating communication methods. This way, observers may be truly proactive in preventing patient injury rather than reactive to a witnessed patient injury. With this system, one observer can truly be in ten places at once.

  • Easily accessible data

Secure information from the MedSitter platform can be funneled into your EMR. Hospital staff can also pull their own reports on sitter hours, incident prevention, and cost savings. Reports can be generated on-demand or can be requested from your MedSitter quality manager.

  • Full communication support

Your pre-exiting nurse calling system can be integrated into the MedSitter Software so that contacting floor staff is as easy as pressing a button. In addition, the software supports cross-language communication in dozens of world languages, including American Sign Language. Text-to-voice is also supported in world languages for custom messages.

  • Easy implementation

Installation is quick and easy. MedSitter carts are pre-assembled and configured to your Wi-Fi network before they are even shipped to your facility, so all you have to do is turn it on. Plus, we offer a 30-day no-risk proving period. Within that proving period, the hospital is not obligated to pay a cent.

A remote observation solution can turn one patient observer into ten. One observer at a command station can effectively monitor multiple patients at once, thus extending staff resources without sacrificing patient safety. Additionally, remote observers are able to maintain distance from contagious patients, which improves workplace safety. Overall, this system supports nurses by saving them time and effort.

If you are interested in installing MedSitter, please visit our Contact Us page now.

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