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How Nurses are Heroes with MedSitter

nurses are the heroes with MedSitter

The nursing shortage has stretched nursing departments to their limit. MedSitter is here to make nurses’ lives easier—to help nurses be heroes.

Every good story has villains, heroes, obstacles, and triumphs – and the story of someone’s care is no different.  

In the healthcare world, the villains are not as obvious as they are in the movies. In healthcare, the villains are things like disease, injuries, limited resources, limited staff, and time. In order for a patient to make a triumphant recovery, these villains will need to be defeated.  

Of course, any situation that presents a villain calls for a hero. In most healthcare situations, nurses are the ones that answer that call. Nurses balance administrative responsibilities, patient care, compassion, communication, and so much more. They are the boots on the ground with the patients, often getting much more facetime with them than anyone else on the care team.  

We need nurses to face down the villains…and nurses needs tools.  

The MedSitter observation solution was developed to be a tool for nursing departments everywhere. At MedSitter, we understand that you do not have the resources you need to keep constant watch of every at-risk patient. The ongoing nursing shortage has stretched nursing departments to their absolute limit, and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced units everywhere to make difficult prioritization decisions. The villains are looming large – so what is a hero to do when they have more patients than they can reasonably cover? 

They turn to MedSitter. 

How the MedSitter Observation Solution Supports Nurses 

MedSitter is a remote patient observation solution that puts one patient observer in front of up to ten patients at one time. Remote observers are connected to patients via a persistent, two-way video connection. That means the patient can always be seen by the observer, and the remote care provider can be seen by the patient with just the click of a button. The remote sitter is there to prevent patient falls, provide companionship to isolated patients, and to alert onsite staff if anything needs their attention. It is a solution that unburdens nursing departments while simultaneously helping to keep patients safe.  

MedSitter makes patient observers 10x more efficient. This can mean one of two things for your facility: 

  1. Vital support staff members that were being used as 1:1 Sitters can be put back on the floor to handle other patient care duties. 
  2. Your entire patient care team, including Providers, can utilize the MedSitter platform to facilitate virtual rounds, remote discharge teaching or other patient communication needs. This can not only save time and PPE resources, but also improve the overall patient experience for infectious disease and/or immunocompromised patients.

With MedSitter, the villains are easier to face. We are here to make nurses’ lives easier. We are here to help you be heroes.  

Ready to install MedSitter in your facility? Visit the Contact Us page today. 

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