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How MedSitter Reports on Prevented Adverse Events

Patient observers can help prevent adverse events, and can then submit a “Good Catch” into the MedSitter platform when that adverse event is prevented.

MedSitter is a remote patient observation tool that improves patient safety and satisfaction. Motion detection technology alerts the sitter to in-room activity, and through a persistent video connection, the observer (or patient sitter) can instantaneously communicate with the patient they are observing and help stop unexpected problems such as patient falls or medical device failures. In essence, patient observers are there to help prevent adverse events, and then submit a “Good Catch” into the MedSitter platform when that adverse event is prevented. 

 Good Catches are reports submitted when an adverse event is avoided. At conceptualization, MedSitter was developed to stop patient falls before they happen. However, MedSitter can be leveraged across your entire organization, to not only help reduce patient falls, but to also intervene in numerous ways related to patients’ health.  

When MedSitter compiles Good Catch reports, we divide the catches into categories, such as Fall Risk, Elopement/Wandering, Social Behavioral Concerns, and Medical Concerns. The Medical Concerns category can include any intervention that relates to a patient’s health. Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in this kind of prevention on our Good Catch reports. The following are all real reports submitted by MedSitter observers, all in the Medical Concerns category: 

  • Patient removed O2 mask several times in a row. Observer was able to call the floor each time so they could replace the mask quickly. 
  • Patient has been removing BiPap and was very sensitive when it came off. The doctor ordered for the patient not to have any liquids. However, their family tried to give the patient Pepsi. The observer notified and prevented this from happening.  
  • Patient's catheter was kinked, and the observer alerted the nurse. 
  • Patient pulled mitts off and started to pull at the incision bandages. Observer was able to call the nurse and NCA to report to the room before the patient got the bandage off completely. 
  • Patient's wife was trying to put patient on a bedpan alone and pushing buttons on the IV pump. Observer asked the patient's wife to please use the call light for assistance and wait for NCA. NCA called to assist patient and wife. 
  • Observer contacted a nurse and set off alarm when a patient started to have a seizure. Staff was able to go in and tend to her while she had a near 7-minute seizure. Many nurses and other staff had to be contacted to assist. 
  • Patient's breathing appeared to be more labored than earlier that day and SpO2 had slowly trended down to 87%. Observer notified a nurse, and the patient was placed on BiPap. Her stats went up to 100% and she appeared much more restful.  
  • Patient's visitor brought chewing gum and mints to NPO patient. Observer notified a nurse who was able to speak to the patient and guest.  

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